Curly hair without volume?

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My name is Marielle, and I have thick curly hair. I use gel in it and let it hair dry. But I always hate the way it dries because it has a lot of volume. I know it's not humidity but how can i get my hair to be less volumized, more like weighed down?



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    I personally prefer curly hair without seeming to be wet. You can see that the most beautiful curly hair are not over-gel or cream ... So have a natural volume that distinguishes it from others. Voluminous hair is beautiful ...
    I don't like wet hair.
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    I found that Spiral Solutions Curls in a Bottle (CIAB) reduces my volume a lot - which in my case isn't good, but I liked it for the shine. Now I only use it after my hair is dry to defrizz areas that are poufy.

    You can get a sample from Kathymack. If you don't know how to order from her, pm me and I'll be glad to help.

    Good luck - I WISH I had lots of volume. :hello2:
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    Are you touching your hair while you are air drying? If you are that will cause your hair to expand. I would suggest that you do not touch your hair at all while drying.

    I know that if I don't touch my hair while air drying my hair will have no volume. Also maybe you are not using enough gel. Try using more gel and no touching and see how that works.
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