The steps?

Ok, so as I'm reading over the forum and other Curlygirl articles it's becoming a little clearer on what to do. I do just want to run this past you and make sure I'm on the right track. First the more I read, the more apparent it is that I need protein. I bought a protein treatment, as well as a Deep conditioner at Sally's. Is this how I should do it? Always use a cowash (like a suave naturals) first, then do a thicker, more moisturizing conditioner (I have moisture maniac on deck by TIGI). I assume that I would do this in place of a leave-in. Then, once a week I do a leave-in treatment in place of the thicker conditioner. And then every 2 weeks or so do a protein treatment in place of the leave-in. So as a break down
Week 1: Cowash, moisturize, pt once during the week
Week 2: Cowash, moisturize,deep conditioner/leave in once during the week in place of moisturize step
Week 3: Repeat week 1
Week 4: Repeat week 2

Am I anywhere near the right direction? I have high porosity, color-treated hair that is a 2 and an itchy scalp.

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