I want my beautiful curls back!

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okay soo last year around winter break i had my aunt bleach my hair(the bottom part, i had a two toned style). worst mistake of my lifee!!!! she fried it so since then ive had really rough hair on the bottom half of my hair. i have no idea how to fixed my fried hair. and during spring break i did the dumbest thing and used conditioner as leave in conditioner and mixed it in with mousse to style my hair and now it will not curl the same. i have straightened my hair alot but it has never been to the point where it wont go back curly again. plus i live in texas and i only straighten it when its realllly cold/breezy out. right now its like this half way curl and i dont like it. i have to literally scrunch it just to some what curl it :sad: even after i cut it...i miss my really tight fun curls and i really want them back! is there any way i can get my curls back?


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    You might want to post this on the general discussion board. This board is for those of us with hair issues related to health problems.

    It's not dumb to use regular conditioner as a leave in. Leave in conditioner is generally just watered down conditioner. Many of us use regular conditioner as leave in- just use a lot less.

    Have you tried the curly girl method? If not, you should. You eliminate all cones and quit using regular shampoo. this really helps the health of your hair. You need to do frequent deep treatments and protein treatments to help fix your hair. It'll never be the same as the untouched hair but eventually it'll be better.

    Check out the newbie section and read the stickies. LOTS of great info.

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