Shame on Patti LaBelle!

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This isn't quite curl bashing in the media - it's more me bashing a should - be - curly girl who is in the media. You can find the article here: Ex-Army CB sues Patti LaBelle in wake of beating, demotion, deployment - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
and the video here: YouTube - ‪Patti LaBelle Securty Assault West Point Cadet - Raw Video‬‏

I'm really disappointed that the investigating officers posed for photos with Patti LaBelle, and incorrectly reported Richard King as drunk because of what Patti LaBelle's "guards" said, and as a result got him kicked out of West Point. I'm sure that, taking the incident with stride, Richard King doesn't mind being sent into actice duty, but must be upset that he got randomly assaulted, that the police officers didn't do their jobs, and that he got kicked out of West Point.
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