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I just realized I was in such a hury to get help I didn't even post why. I started noticing my hair getting curly in the 6th grade...until then it was long and straight. It took me 3-4 years to figure out that I can't stop it so I started letting it go. In my senior pics my hair is ultra short with nothing but curls... it was awesome. Then I let it grow out and it stayed curly, but the longer it got the stringier it got. So, I recently cut it into a pixie cut and am letting it grown back out and it's like the curl is gone. The front, where my bangs are will curl no problem, moving back but staying at the top it is straight and flat as can be...flat...i don't remember the last time my hair was flat. And it lays forward towards my doesn't lay flat down to my ears. Then there is the back of my hair that gets these crazy banana curl things on the sides and kind of a flippy thing in the middle. I hate whatever is going on right now and I have no clue how to fix it. Maybe my cut sucks. I don't know!!! Now that i've finally gotten used to having curls i feel like it's trying to straighten out....except it's only part of it that's trying to straighten out. I dont' know what to do. :? :?
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    I would consult a stylist. My best friend has ultra straight hair, and she went to Ouidad for a consultation. For her, the only solution was a perm, but you may just need the right cut and product for your hair.
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    It's hard to give an opinion without pics, I can't even begin to imagine your hair since most pixie cuts are very short , so I would think it "normal" to have barely any curl left.

    But I'm almost sure that it's the way you got it cut that's also preventing the strands to clump together to form any kind of symmetric curl. If that is the case, you'll need to get your cut reshaped eventually but depending on the length you have right now it would probably be best to wait another couple of months because you're going to lose length in some places in order for a stylist be able to blend the "pixie" layers you now have in your hair.

    If you are a "shampooer" and use products with 'cones (silicones), that right there could be the reason for the stringy longer hair. Since you appear to be new here I would imagine you may not have heard about the Curly Girl routine (CG for short). Please do a search for that or go to the "Going shampoo-less" section and scan through the threads until you find one about conditioner washing (CO-wash).
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