How-To Help: Long Box Braids w/ Extensions

amalgamadeamalgamade Posts: 36Registered Users
I want to put my hair in box braids for the summer. I really like the way Solange's hair looked here
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But, I can't find any braiding hair that long. If I use the hair I've found, I'll have to add more hair to each braid as I braid. Does anyone know how to extend the hair so that it looks as neat and uniform as Solange's hair does all the way down to the end? Or does anyone know where I can get super-long braiding hair?

P.S. I live in MS so I don't have local access to great hair stores like in GA, NY, CA, TX, etc.


  • nainaigurl10nainaigurl10 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi. Go to The braids in her hair are with kanekalon hair. I have the same thing but in dark brown with some maroon and blonde. It braids all the way to the waist, which is what I have now. They have different colors too. The website is online only, but the hair quality is great. Make sure when you do receive it to soak it in vinegar for 10 minutes to get the alkaline base out. Go to for how to do the braids.

    I almost forgot. You have to take care of it. Go to for proven tips on caring for extensions.

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