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So I just recently found this site and have been reading as much as I can. I have curly hair, 3a I suppose, and typically always blow dry/ flat iron it straight. I do this because my curls are very uneven and quite frizzy. I would love to start having beautiful curls. I have looked at the before and after photos of CG and would like to try this.

I have one question/concern. I currently wash my hair every other day. And when I do, I shampoo it twice because I feel that it just isn't really that clean if I do not. I now know that this is probably not the best thing to do! But anyways, my concern is, I do not have particularly oily hair, but I get acne on my face near my hairline, and in the first few inches of my hairline around my face quite often. I am afraid that if I go CG, even just switching to a sulfate free shampoo, that my hair will be oily/the acne worse. Can anyone give their opinion/advice on this? Thanks!


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    Hey! I know how you feel! I have severe acne, but actually the CG method has made my acne better because I'm not using crap with silicones and sulfates and stuff in it.
    Hair Type: I was thinking thick, fine 3A, but honestly I have no clue! I do know I have a super flat top, and frizz on the sides.
    No - Poo Shampoo: Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo
    Conditioner: Burt's Bees More Moisture Condish
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