decent 2nd day hair with tizz no frizz....

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Last night I washed but I mixed a little bit of devacare low poo and a little bit of my sulfate poo (my hair loves sulfates) then I scrunched in some tizz no frizz and let it air dry and when almost dry I diffused and I did scrunch in a little bit of SIF. This morning I actually left the house with ok second day hair. I sprayed on some mister right and added a bit more of the gel and diffused the wetter areas and it looked pretty good :) I was kind of stunned.
The curl is starting to fall a bit on the sides tho. But not too bad.

Update: well, I think I need a bit more hold than just the TNF. I just got home from work and it's ok but lost alot of curl. Especially in the back.
I think I'll try using my old gel which has hold along with the TNF and see how that works.
Which should I apply first... the holding gel or the tizz no frizz gel?
I don't think I'll re-purchase the SIF tho, I don't think it does anything for my hair.

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