HELP! Trying to grow long hair..

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Ok so I'm new here and I've got a bunch of questions.. I've decided to grow my hair long (it's 3 inches below my shoulder now) and I'd like to grow it to my tummy. I started letting it grow a couple of months ago but what happened is after a certain point the highest layer would start getting really dry toward the ends and my crown would become really flat and weird looking. I've got a pretty chubby face, so I like hair on my face, but everything starts looking oily and sticky. I just end up cutting it back to the current length so as to keep the bounciness alive =\

I could probably stick it and wait for it to grow really long then layer it out nicely, but what do I do in between when it starts getting flat and weird on my scalp? I use coconut & almond oil every 3 days and Dove conditioner and shampoo. I don't blow dry at all expect for the front bit once a week. This might just be a really stupid question cause I'm new here, but can someone please help me out? I'm dying for long, luscious locks! I guess I've kinda got 2c/3a curls.. Help, please?


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