need help with transitioning please :)

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I am new to this site and very encouraged by the forums and support from other curlies!! :) so i stop relaxing as of December 2010 and am having a hard time transitioning. I want to grow my hair out but I am just soooo Any styles I can do besides heat? I have my natural 3C curls, then the ends are straight but I dont wanna big chop. Any styles that will loosen my curls without heat? The pictures are my curls a few years ago when i got curls are naturally bigger. Now its WAY shorter, and its mostly half straight,half curls (at my roots) which looks awful. I want a style that doesnt shrink my hair but loosen it
Anyway,any help ladies? I just rambled a lot lol but my point is i want to loosen my transitioning hair without heat :) thanks,curlies!
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    Try transitioning/protective styles like bantu knot outs, twist outs, flexi rod sets, braid outs, flat twist outs, etc. You can look up tutorials of these styles ony youtube.
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