Hair Cut Help!

apaquetapaquet Posts: 8Registered Users
So I've had frizzy messy curly hair all my life, we have a love hate relationship.
Recently I've been wanting a change with my hair style. First a little about myself:
-I love my hair sometimes, it makes me stand out in a crowd. But its frustrating to spend the time on it
-I want my curls (3a/3b) to be looser and less puffy if possible
- Not gonna lie, I want my hair cut to be sexy
- I like length, I would not want to go above my shoulders
-I've had this same hair cut for around 5 years now, and I get my hair cut once a year
- I have naturally dark brown hair that I like to dye black for some added sass
- I like to wear my hair away from my face and up
- I use Deva Curl when I shower, shampoo, conditioner, gel, paste, the works.

So here are some pics of my hair at various points of its curly-ness
Any help/comments/suggestions are greatly appreicated!

Heres the hair:
In a low pony tail here:


  • CatpowCatpow Posts: 10Registered Users
    I have to ask - why do you want to change your hair? Your curls are beautiful and your current cut seems to really work for you!

    I had nice, long curls like you and decided to change it up, just because I felt like a change. I think I saw all my straight-haired friends got to change their hair up all the time and I wanted to change too...but this was a big mistake!! I cut it shorter and added lots of layers. It looks fine, but its definitely not as sexy as my long hair used to be, and its harder for me to style. I used to know exactly what to do with my hair and when. But now, I have all these funky layers to deal doesnt look bad, but I miss my longer layers and regret changing it up.

    Basically, Im trying to say - think long and hard before you make too big of a change! Hair always grows back, but growing out your hair when it has lots of layers in it is very tricky. And in the mean time, things might get a little rough :-/