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would this work with my curly hair?

lawlzdinosaurlawlzdinosaur Posts: 33Registered Users
Okay so i have type 3b curly hair I believe, I am also mixed my mom is flipino. But anyways I have been wanting to get my hair cut really bad, 1. because I haven't gone in a while and 2. I am tired of my hair because i never know what to do with it. I'm going to be a sophomore in high school when I go back from summer vacation. And i don't have very much time to get ready in the mornings so basically everyday i put it in a ponytail and at the end of the day i end up putting it in a bun, and every once in a while i leave it down for like special occasion and stuff. But anyways I want to get my hair cut into a pixie cut, but i'm unsure if it will work with my hair. So what do you think i should do? And can you list a couple of products that i could use for my hair so that i can leave it down more and not have to worry about frizz. I'll post the pictures below and thanks for your help :) and one last thing if I didn't get my hair type right can you tell me what type i am

me and my hair -
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how i want to cut my hair-
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Conditioner: Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture

Leave in: ^^ or Vo5 kiwi lime
Styling: LA Looks Sport Styling Gel


  • lightelement94lightelement94 Posts: 3Registered Users
    I'm curious about just the same thing! A pixie cut is such an enticing alternative to the FRIZZ and the ponytail. Your hair looks like it might be tricky unless you cut it super, super short, but it's sort of hard to tell from the angle. (Also, not an expert...) Best of luck, though, hopefully someone out there can give a better answer. =)
  • proctorsweetieproctorsweetie Posts: 93Registered Users
    I like your hair as it is, to be perfectly honest.

    Pixie cuts are cute, if done properly--that means hair type has to be taken into consideration. Don't get me wrong, it CAN be done with curly hair. However, if you want the look from those pictures, you're going to have to do a lot of straightening(damage) to your hair. Plus, didn't you say you wanted a more low-maintenance style? Straightening and fighting your natural texture every morning can become a headache quickly. Just saying! ;)

    Believe me, I'm about to attend college in the fall and I've only worn my hair down this past year. That's a looong time of wearing my hair in a bun every day! Now that I take care of my curls, I only wear them up when working out. Even in humidity and rain, they look good! I love them. I flaunt them as much as I can.

    Have you considered the CurlyGirl method, with co-washes and such?

    Give your hair a final rinse in cold water after your shower; this seals the hair cuticles and prevents frizz
    Be sure to use any CG-friendly products on soaking wet hair(LA looks sports gel, or herbal essences totally twisted gel are popular choices!)
    Use an old cotton t-shirt to dry your hair
    Apply your products and dry your hair with your head upside down for better curl definition
    Don't spend too much time in the bathroom after a shower--the steam can cause frizz
    Don't touch your hair until it has dried for the most part. The gel will look crunchy on your curls, but just flip your head upside down and massage your scalp with your fingers. This will loosen up the "crunch," then flip your head back up and gently scrunch the crunch out at the ends. Then don't touch your hair anymore, especially not raking your fingers through it!

    Have a look around the boards, too. Everyone is here to help! :wave:
    I think Bumble&Bumble put it best: WILD CHILD AMAZON WARRIOR BOMBSHELL

    2c/3a Botticelli curls
    started CG 27. May 2011
    Curl inspiration: Nicole Kidman's natural curls, the 80's/90's careers of Laetitia Casta & Eva Herzigova, the artwork of Milo Manara
  • plush93plush93 Posts: 16Registered Users
    honestly,I don't think you shoud cut it...yet anyways
    Since its summer you have about a whole 2-3 months to figure out how your hair works.days when your not going anywhere just expriment (spell check lol) with it.
    or if you really do want to cut it,cut it shoulder length first, see if it helps or if its easier to work with and by the end of the summer if its just absolutely unbareable then try the pixie cut.. but remember once u cut it that way when it starts to grow back itll be uneven, there will be no more ponytails, you'll have to keep it flat ironed which means breakage and there is the possibility the hair you keep on that one side will still frizz up...so now it'll be half gone half frizz.
    but you have a very pretty face and i think you could rock short styles and long..either way you'll look great.

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