How can I make my hair look as long as it is?

LDNLDN Posts: 2Registered Users
My curls are type 3c and I love them I just wish I knew a way to make them look longer and hang lower. When I wear my hair down it sits around my cheeks but when I pull the spirals down they go past my shoulders. Does any one know of any products that can help weigh my curls down with out taking away from the curls?



  • murrrcatmurrrcat Posts: 9,596Registered Users
    you could try lots of gel. Or you could do a braid out? other than that I don't know. My hair looks longer when I use gel
  • LDNLDN Posts: 2Registered Users
    Thank you, i'll try a braid out. :wav:
  • pprMACHEheartpprMACHEheart Posts: 1,665Registered Users
    I second using heavier products. When I want my hair to hang a bit more I use a heavier leave in like Tresemme Naturals and then gel,something like Eco Styler. Shows a bit more of my length, but usually I just let my hair do what it wants.
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