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Tell me what you know about this line? I am thinking about having it done. I want to know all of the facts and be 100% sure about it before I jump on the wagon. I use to have my hair chemically straightened, which resulted in a nightmare of breakage. I don't want a repeat of that. So my questions are: Can I still wear it curly? Will it change my curl pattern? Is it safe? Will it grow off like a chemical straightener or wear out after washes? Would you do it/have you done it? Thank you in advace!


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    The brand being used will only partially determine your results. How much product is used, you hair texture ( thick vs thin/kinky vs loose wave) the percentage of formaldehyde ( if at all), and how it is applied to your hair will determine if you'll have curls left after the fact.

    My advice? Go to CVS and spend 15 bucks for the organix at home treatment. Do a small section in the back of your head to see how your like your curl. Then do the rest of your hair. I will never again trust the application of a BKT to a stylist. Doing it yourself ensures that you can keep your curl.

    Most people who get BKTS get it to straighten their hair, so most stylist will not be familiar with adjusting their technique to suit your needs. Some will, but most won't.

    Good Luck!
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  • rockthecurlzrockthecurlz Registered Users Posts: 910
    Thank you for the advice :)

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