New Curly - and confused

curly kikicurly kiki Registered Users Posts: 42
Hello all!

I have been lurking on and off for quite a long time and I thought I would finally join in the fun!

I am in my 40's and from the Chicago area. Despite the nagging of some co-workers over the years (yes, one actually brought me a flat iron) I have learned to love my curly locks - in large part thanks to this site

I mostly had been putting off registering because I was having quite a difficult time figuring out my hair type. Honestly, the curl density changes so much during the year depending on heat / humidity etc.

I think I am a mix of mostly 3b (with some 3b and some waves). I highlight and color to hide the grey, but because I let me hair dry naturally most of the time it is also fairly healthy :)

Nice to meet everyone officially!!


  • krm4hkrm4h Registered Users Posts: 54
    Hello and welcome! You have beautiful curls :)
  • curly kikicurly kiki Registered Users Posts: 42
    Thank you

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