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Hi everyone. :D I've been lurking here for a little bit, and I am so amazed by the CG before and after pictures. I definitely want to give this a shot and see what happens with my hair. The only problem is, I'm not really sure if it'll do anything. I have no idea what to call my hair. It's straight, I guess, but not stick straight. My hair is very fine, and while it's wet it's got more wave to it, that sticks around for a little bit while it's air drying. It's still more wavy once it's done drying, but not as much as when it's wet. And once I brush my hair, most of the wave gets brushed out, and my hair just gets kind of poofy. Before it gets brushed, my hair looks similar to krm's hair before CG, but slightly less wave. Which is kind of what gave me some hope that maybe this would work for me. Do you think doing CG would help to keep some of that wave that I have before it all gets brushed out? I'll probably post pictures later. I'm getting ready to wash my hair, so that way I can show the progression from wet hair to air dried to brushed.


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    Hey to a fellow wavy! :)

    It certainly can't hurt to try. I really feel that with the CG method my hair's gotten curlier, and in particular yesterday I used all DevaCurl products and I feel like that made it even curlier. Give it a try and keep us posted! There's definitely a lot of info here. :)

    Good luck!
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    My hair does the same thing! I feel that not brushing it definatly helps and although I got a bit frustrated with CG, I'm thinking about starting up again, so give it a shot.

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