need help figuring out porosity!

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Hi curlies! I posted this in the low porosity section a few days ago but haven't gotten any responses. I'm hoping to find some help here. I've been having trouble lately trying to figure out just what type of porosity I am because there seems to be so much information. I seem to have characteristics of both medium and low porosity hair. I just started CG so I've started to wonder if I have naturally low-porous hair but damage has made it take on characteristics of medium porosity. My hair takes a while to get wet but not forever. It's pretty shiny but not overly shiny. I had highlights in the past so I know my hair doesn't resist color or styling. However, when I run my fingers up the shaft, sometimes it squeaks and sometimes it doesn't. I'm so confused!
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    sounds like me! I remember i had this problem and my hair takes 3-5 hrs to dry btw. Also, my hair is very damaged so i thought it was high porosity but my hair is somewhat coarse and the un damaged pieces are slippery. My hair takes a while to get wet and its thick too. So I'm going to assume I am low porosity. I'm still a little confused though on what I am but I'm thinking im low porosity. Ive also had Straight relaxers and it actually made my hair wavy. I've had highlights but my hair also took to that but since im using non sulfate and non silicone things Im guessing its helping my hair take to it. My hair had to get damaged somehow so its probably from the straight perm, it can try to resist it but in the end it cant resist those bad chemicals. good luck, I think you might be low porosity but im not sure. Theres a possibility you have damaged low porosity hair like I do I think.
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    It sounds like you DO have characteristics of both normal and low porosity! I'd say you're just a combo -- low/medium porosity. ;) Squeaky hair means low porosity, so if you have strands that don't and strands that do, it's safe to say you're just a little bit of both. :)

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