Resuming CG after a salon visit

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I'm starting CG again, after falling away from it for a while. I get my hair cut and colored once a month, and the salon uses sulfates and cones. Does this mean I have to clarify with a sulfate shampoo once every month after I go to the salon? I can't just resume CG without clarifying to get the cones out, right?


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    It's my understanding that once you decide to go CG, you have to do a final wash with a sulfate shampoo that is silicone-free. This will get rid of the existing silicones in your hair without adding new ones. Then you just have to stay away from silicones so they don't build up in your hair, and avoid drying sulfate shampoos. If you go CG, I'm not sure that it will help if you don't stick to it -- experienced curlies, please chime in -- because it's my understanding that it can take a while to see results. I'd avoid going CG and then using silicones once in a while, re-washing, etc.

    I am actually trying out a new salon here in my city (shh, don't tell my stylist) that carries Deva products and has Deva-trained stylists. I just wasn't sure how to go about covering the whole CG thing with my current stylist so if this new salon works out, I think I'll switch.

    Hope that helps!
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    what if u asked them to use your products or for you to come in with your hair wet?
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    If you want to go CG, you'll have much better results if you clarify to remove the cones.

    You can, BTW, take your own products with you to the salon. Just tell the stylist that you're concerned about sensitivities or allergies, and s/he should be happy to use your products.

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    I have 3 salons I jump around between. One of them is an Aveda salon and since I started my CG journey, I always bring my own products when I go to this salon. Aveda products have way to much protein for me, plus most aren't CG friendly. My stylist understands my concerns, plus she likes to play around with the different products I bring in.
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    I'm mod-CG so I'm not quite as strict. A few days after I get my hair done (I like to make my blow-outs last a while!!) I just do another sulfate wash and I'm good to go. I definitely agree with the others though on bringing your own products to the salon and having your stylist use them. I think it is also good to let he/she know that you're going CG in terms of no straightening as well so you get a cut and style that looks good only curly. :afro:
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    I try to act casual and let them use their Bumble & Bumble products, but asked to leave my hair wet and unstyled after the cut. It took a couple of weeks for my hair to bounce back. Granted, I only used TJ refresh low poo and baking soda, but didn't want to add insult to injury with full-on sulfates. Maybe it's best to just sulfate wash once and moisturize deeply?
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    I'm not CG but I don't use cones regularly and I usually shampoo with a low sulfate shampoo. When I got my hair trimmed back in March, I got my hair washed with whatever the stylist use. OMG, I don't know what it was. My hair was dried out for a whole week. :(
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  • winifredwinifred Registered Users Posts: 295
    Thanks for the replies. Maybe I'll bring my own products with me. I can't go in with wet hair because I get a dry cut and then color, which, of course, has to be washed out. I can easily leave without a blow dry, especially because the salon charges extra for that (even after a hair cut).
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    i no longer color my hair, but when i did and had to go to a salon (local and not cg) i would always bring my own products. i'd just bring a low poo for the wash out, and a conditioner, which i would have them leave in.

    even now when i go for a cut my stylist is currently using deva products (but not for the long haul) and i bring my own.

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