Looking for DIYers and/or blondes!

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Hi everyone. I had a keratin treatment done at a salon about 10 months ago when they were running a 3-day 50% off special, but even that was too expensive to ever do again (came out to over $500 before discount because of the length/thickness of my hair!!) so I am going to try DIY this summer. I got the Marcia Texeira (sp?) at the salon but couldn't find it to buy online so I ordered the Coppola Blonde. Here are my main questions:

a) The Coppola is really pricey...$150 for an 8 oz bottle that I'll get 2 uses out of (I hope.) I bought it because it was specifically formulated for blondes and I've read about people getting discoloration from other brands. Have any blondes tried QOD, or any other brand you can get cheaper than the Coppola? I think I read the QOD was milky brown, and I don't want to risk sealing that into my hair without knowing what it might do to color! For reference this is my color:
Not my natural curl at all (I was playing around with airdrying into pin curls) but most recent photo I have.
b) It seems like there are about 5,000 videos on Youtube about the application process. What are your favorites? Any other pages besides this forum where you got helpful advice?
c) Do I have to worry about pets being in the area with the fumes? i'm going to have the fan going but I am still worried about my cats. They have to go through my bathroom to get to their litter box.

I have 2c hair..I think. Built like a tank but takes forever to dry. The reduced drying time is what I miss the most about the BKT I got last summer. Thank you in advance for any help you're able to offer :)

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