Cone fans: Pantene Extra-liso combing cream

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I heard about this cream on another site, where it's praised for its softening and straightening abilities. So I figured I'd try it on my thick, wiry, unruly mop. I like it!

This is a thick lotiony leave-in, that comes in a squeeze bottle with a twist cap like a mustard bottle. This allows you to control the amount that comes out easily. It has the usual perfumey Pantene smell, and is a pale pinkish white. I've been using anywhere from a pea-size (for canopy smoothing) to a nickel-sized blob (combed through my short layered hair; strands about 4 inches long).

While it doesn't straighten my hair, it does provide some weight and control and moisture, and even enhances my waves a noticeable amount (I was surprised at that, in a product that is advertised for enhancing straightness-- possibly they assume you also use styling tools). I am amazed at the softness I get. Pantene conditioners usually leave my hair with a laminated feeling, but this doesn't-- just soft and moist.

It's jam-packed with cones, panthenol and amino acids, but if that doesn't bother you, give it a try! I paid $3.99 USD for 10.2 oz. at my grocery store.
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