For Sale/Swap: Miss Jessies, Jane Carter, Mixed Chicks, Devacurl, SheaMoisture & KMS

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Hi everyone, I'm looking to either swap or sell these products that I'm not using. I put in the prices to sell them (shipping included in price) or if you want to swap, at the end I listed the products I'd be interested in. Let me know :icon_smile:

Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue 8 oz. (75-80% full) SOLD
Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner 10 oz. (70% full) $12
DevaCurl Set It Free 3 oz. (70% full) SOLD
Jane Carter Condition & Sculpt 8 oz. (50% full) $5
KMS California Curlup Control Creme 5.1 oz. (100% full) $12
SheaMoisture Curl & Style Milk 8 ox. (90% full) $8

If you'd like to swap, i'm interested in the following products/brands:

Oyin Handmade
Darcy's Botanicals
Curl Junkie
My HoneyChild
Karen's Body Beautiful
Bee Mine
Blended Beauty

***I :love5: Kinky Curly***

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