blowout steps, tips and techniques

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ladies, i'm going to try doing blowouts. my goal is to stretch my hair to aid in styling and as a style by itself. i don't plan to flat iron, i don't even want it "straight" just stretched. i've always been anti-heat (for ex. i've never flat ironed and i've been natural for 12 years).

anyway, what are some tips? if anyone knows of any really good youtube videos please post them here! i was on bglh and some of the girls were saying that blowouts actually helped them have less breakage and fewer knots and tangles (a common problem for me).

here's what i know:
- don't blowout from sopping wet hair
- grapeseed oil is a good oil when you're using heat
- don't use the hot setting

what else? btw, i don't own a blow dryer with teeth (which i wouldn't want to use anyway).
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