Tips needed - hair never seems to grow

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Hi curlies! I'm new on this site and a very recent CG. Currently my hair is about bra length when dry but I'd love to be able to get it down to my waist. However, many times in the past I've tried to grow it longer and most of my hair just seems to stop growing leaving a few straggly edges to grow a little longer. This usually led to me getting a nice trim only to have the whole process start all over again with very little progress. I swear my hair has only grown like an inch or two in the past 3 years. I'm a bit paranoid about getting my hair trimmed so I don't do it that often. I'm getting my first trim in over a year next week. I know I have some split ends but I really don't think they're that bad. Once I get my trim, how often should I get it cut? Also, is there anything else I can be doing to help my slow growing hair? I've heard about taking prenatals but for some reason I'm nervous about taking them.
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