Newbie with halo frizz

rangersfanrangersfan Registered Users Posts: 40
I am new to CG. I have been doing it for about 3 weeks now. I am using VO5 for my cowash and GVP conditioning balm for my condintioner. On the days that I don't co wash I do rinse and condition. Then I use Kinky curly knot today and gel. I have just in the last several days had a terrible amount of fluffy halo frizz. I read several treads and thought I should try a protien treatment so I did one last night and still had a lot of soft frizzies today, although they seemed a little better. I then washed my hair with Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo and conditioner and put Curl Keeper and Gel but seem to still have the fuzzies. Is this becuase I was over conditioned? What am I doing incorrectly. When I first started getting them I did try a ACV rinse about 3 days ago. They are unruly and I am not really sure what is going on and how I can remedy this. I am needing help!!!! Any suggestions?

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