Acne scarring - advice wanted(pic included)!

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I will go to a dermatologist but wanted to get some other opinions. Any recs on getting rid of these scars - not a great pic, I can get a better one later tonight when I get home. They are a bit pitted. Never had such a problem like this until about a year ago when the damage happened. I've got it under control now where I'm not getting new ones much.

Another thing i have noticed in the last year, when I smile or move my face around, I see tiny tiny wrinkles/lines all over, dunno if it's from natural aging or because of all these little scars but I don't like it.



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    You seem to be scar-prone. Before going through a procedure to reduce the scarring, I'd first go to a dermatologist and take Accutane, to make sure I didn't get any more acne lesions, because if you don't treat it, you're just going to un-do all your expensive/hard work when acne inevitably comes back...which it likely will. "Control" isn't good enough in your case, because of your tendency to scar.

    After taking Accutane for 6 months, I'd wait an additional 12 months (to give time for old lesions to heal, and also because Accutane can increase scarring in the first year after use), and then I'd seriously research laser treatments. Laser technology is advancing all the time, so whatever you research today may be obsolete in a year or two. You might find that most scars, especially the hyperpigmented type, will clear on their own in about 12 months and you don't need laser.

    That's just what I would do.
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    Wow okay, thanks for the advice but definitely not getting accutane, it's not that serious! I just scar easily. It's very controllable and pretty much non existant if I wash my face daily(using psf) and use a toner or a acne cream at night(right now Im using proactivs bp night lotion). Last year all I did was rinse with water sometimes and if I wore foundation, I washed it half ass with Dove which caused all this damage. I was wondering if there was anything I could do at home to help the recovery process.
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    AcneFree Severe Kit has a Retinol Renewal Complex Lotion inside of it. That helped with my acne scars tremendously. So perhaps looking into Retinol (vitamin A) creams...

    I suggest you read this and maybe look into it.
    Acne Scars Information - Treatment of Acne Scars

    I just got the Clairisonic (frickken love it) and I've read many reviews where people said it helped with acne scars.

    Eliminate Acne Scars With Clarisonic - Review of the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

    You can get a good deal on one at and you can put it on easy pay instead of forking over tons of cash at once! :)
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    Thanks, I have been meaning to look into retin A as well. I am getting a clarisonic this week actually, a little excited! If all else fails, I'll look into laser but seems a bit scary.
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    Josephine wrote: »
    Thanks, I have been meaning to look into retin A as well. I am getting a clarisonic this week actually, a little excited! If all else fails, I'll look into laser but seems a bit scary.

    josephine do you wear mac makeup? if so, i'd stop that. it caused me bad breakouts and the mac girls say that lots of people can't wear their makeup (foundation).
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    luvmylocs wrote: »
    Josephine wrote: »
    Thanks, I have been meaning to look into retin A as well. I am getting a clarisonic this week actually, a little excited! If all else fails, I'll look into laser but seems a bit scary.

    josephine do you wear mac makeup? if so, i'd stop that. it caused me bad breakouts and the mac girls say that lots of people can't wear their makeup (foundation).

    hmmm I'm going to have to keep an eye on mine now...:tongue6:
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    FYI, Clarisonic is giving some sort of offer worth $25 if you register your unit on the website. I don't know what the offer is, but I thought I'd post in case anyone is interested. Also, if you order your replacement brush heads from them and enroll in their automated shipping program (they send them every 3 months), you can save 20% and get free shipping. If you order twin packs (I do) it breaks out to about $16 a brush head - a lot better than the $25 a piece they charge regularly. I also like the fact that you can mix-and-match the heads in your twin pack if you order from them. I get a delicate for my face (I have super sensitive skin) and a normal for my body. Just thought I'd pass on the info. :)
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    hi. i work in a plastic surgeons office( im an aesthetician as well). retina-a works great, it helps cell turnover. mixed with blender(obagi) works even better. im talking from experience. i have adult acne and scarring. i have tried everything( i have access to many treatments and products) this works best so far. also, chemical peels, even very mild ones, work great too. you would probably need few to make a noticable difference if you choose the mild ones. deeper peels can many times take care of the majority of scarring with one peel. i had a deep peel and most of the scarring and ( im older:) age spots disapeared after 1 treatment.then to keep things clear, retina-a.this also takes care of fine lines...good luck
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    i didn't completely get rid of my acne scarring and brown spots until i started getting lactic acid peels and had a couple of microdermabrasion treatments. over a few months i did 4 peels and two microdermabrasion. the two together got rid of what was left of the spots.
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    can you get peels done on your back?

    I have a bunch on my back it's gross
  • want2bcurlywant2bcurly Registered Users Posts: 97
    yes you can get peels on any part of the body( well almost:)they are very effictive on the back as well as the chest.
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    Adding AHA to my routine at night has been a huge help in fading my acne scars. I rarely need to use a concealer product anymore with my makeup to cover them.

    My teen DS was troubled by his marks/scars left behind -- when we added AHA for him...his marks are gone! He saw improvement in less than a week and marks were gone in a few months.

    I alternate nights of using tretinoin cream with nights of AHA. I get my generic Retin-A (tretinoin) from All Day Chemist (ADC) because even with insurance coverage it's too expensive for me. I order the AHA from for both DS and I. Huge tube that lasts a long time and I figure the formulation is already user-friendly for those of us who are acne-prone. If you are comparing strengths, I think the AHA+ product from is 10%. Alpha-hydrox brand might be 12% if I remember correctly, and my son's derm said that he has 12% and stronger if we needed to go that route. So there are lots of options available if you like AHA.

    With the AHA, it probably helps the marks that are more recent soonest. In my case, I had marks that were 5-10 years old and they are barely visible even on bare skin. Not saying this is a miracle, but definitely worth trying out. I am scared of doing peels myself or in derm office because I hate the peeling that can go on for days afterward.
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    I would try a vitamin A cream like retinol or the prescription RetinA/Renova. Add copper peptides at night also. Here's a section about scars
    Get Rid of Scars and Blemishes with Hydroxy Acids plus Copper Peptide Combination

    In the morning, I use the alpha hydrox souffle under my sunscreen (CeraVe AM)
    Facial Care - Neoteric Cosmetics, Inc.
    I love alpha hydrox products. Great company.
    They're the right pH- between 3-4 (a lot of products aren't the right pH so you just waste your money).

    Renova and AHA aren't supposed to be used together as they cancel each other out... but you can use them at opposite ends of the day. the Renova needs to be used at night because the sun deactivates the Renova.
    Both require you wear sunscreen daily as the creams make your skin more sensitive.
  • want2bcurlywant2bcurly Registered Users Posts: 97
    i love copper pedtides and at skinbiology. they are very reasonably priced.
    also, as for the peeling after chemical peels, yes that can be a pain. but, there are some done that have very minimal peeling if any, but very just may take a bit longer to get desired results.i have got a peel where i peeled alot for 6 days. and had to go to work. it was embarresing even though thats what we do. nobody wants to look bad in public;)
  • JosephineJosephine Registered Users Posts: 14,408 Curl Connoisseur
    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

    I do wear MAC foundation about once a week and it doesn't give me any issues but maybe it doesn't help. I've been thinking of switching that as well.

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