Deep not soaking in?

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Hi, so this is my first post to naturallycurly so I hope I am doing everything right.

Since summer is coming up, I have decided to spend the last weeks of May researching, reading posts and trying to figure out my hair so I can go CG and wear my curly hair for the summer. I am natural, but I've been flat ironing.

My hair is 4a/b, medium-coarse texture, high porosity and my question is about deep conditioning. I use it's a 10 miracle mask because of all the wonderful reviews I found on it. But, I've found that after leaving it in for the required amount of time, and washing it out, my hair is still as dry & not soft at all. It's like I never did a treatment.

So does that mean this product just doesn't work on my hair and I need to find something else? Or maybe it's working on the inside? Because I spent $30 bucks on this. And it's such a waste.

Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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    I know exactly what you mean. I have a ton of products like that. and maybe they just don't work for your hair. You could always trying adding oils. I would suggest mixing products IF you know what you are doing, the pH balance can be thrown off and screw up your hair. So I would suggest add oils or honey to the product, if that doesn't work. Just dump it. I know I hate paying a lot of $$ for something that doesn't work.

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    Do you know your porosity perchance? If you have low porosity doing a deep con with heat can help open up the cuticles and encourage absorption.

    ETA: silly me, you have high porosity. I still think adding some heat to your deep con routine might be a good move.
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    It's just a bad product for your hair. I'm sorry you wasted $30 on it though. Looking at the ingredient list most it looks like anything I could find at a drugstore. What a rip off.

    There are plenty of good ones. Search the "Product Reviews" under the Product tab above. Also check Makeup Alley for reviews as well.
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    Thank you for replying. Thank you for suggesting oils, but I honestly have no idea what I am doing. *laughs*

    I know! And sometimes with our hair, the cheap stuff may not work. So you need the expensive stuff like devacurl or Miss Jessies or Carol's Daughter and if your hair doesn't like it, well you just wasted money and are out of luck
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    First I love your GIF, that's so funny.

    Second, thank you for answering. I actually tried that last week. Slapped it on, put a cap over it, low heat for 5 mins, kept it on for 15 mins, then rinsed with cool water. As I was washing it out, I could literally feel my hair drying. It was almost like my hair just sucked up the DC.
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    Thank you for answering. That's what I was afraid of. And it seriously is a rip off. But there was a lot of such good reviews for it. All the products from that line are around that price. It's definitely an expensive line.

    I will definitely check out the product reviews, & makeup alley I already know about. It's definitely a staple for me before I buy anything.

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