HELP! Obsessed with getting my natural curls

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Hi all my beautiful curlies!
I am already natural (never had a relaxer in life) but am ready to start wearing my natural curls. I have been getting my hair blown straight for the past 18 years. So as u can imagine my hair has been blown to smithereens. Whenever I attempt to wear my natural hair it is so frustrating because a third of my hair doesn't curl. Its just straight and limp. I'm not ready for a big cop but recently cut my hair to a shoulder length bob. My hair also needs a ton of moisture. Can anyone lend me some tips, product references and inspiration for my situation. Thanks!

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    Hi Girly!

    I have the same problem as you. At this point I'm just considering getting a curly perm to even out the texture. since I stopped using heat a couple of months ago my new growth is coming in REALLY curly and now the rest of my hair just looks limp. I have tried every curly strategy I've read about in this website and the curl structure I get is minimal so I think I either chopt it all off (Which I just couldn't do) or get a curly perm.

    Let me know if you find out anything that could help you
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    Let's hear it for beautiful curls!!!
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    I found this protein pack at sally beauty supply. After that I used the GF triple nutrition as a LI and the SM curl cream with olive oil and bantu knotted it at night and it came out really nice in the morning. Lasted 3 days. Thats what I tried and it worked. I think my hair just needed protein.

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