my hair doesn't grow down. only up into an afro

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hey I am new here. I'm 22 and I have curly hair.

The thing about my hair is that it does not grow down. I have always wanted my hair to grow past my shoulders down my back. Never has happened, never even touched my shoulders or even close.

The longest time I have ever had my hair was when I was 15. I grew it for about 2 and a half years from age 13-15. Then I cut it short.

My hair grows extremely fast at the start though. I had a buzz cut in December 2010 and I have been growing my hair out since then. After about a month it already starts to go curly.

Basically your responses will help me decide if I should just cut it all off or keep growing it. Yes I know it takes time but maybe my hair isn't meant to grow down. My dad is middle eastern and has curly hair and my mother is Canadian and has wavy like hair. Her hair is always straightened though.

I use to like the afro look but I can't stand it anymore. I don't mind the hair after having a shower. But once it drys it puffs out more it looks funny and it has a bunch of stray ends. Longer hair also makes me look younger even with my beard.

oh yeah and I am a man. I realize this is a woman's forum, but who else would know hair better then women.


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    It's funny, my dad had the exact same problem. He always wanted long hair, but all he got was an afro, and it made him so mad that he just shaved his head one day. :toothy8:

    My suggestion to you is this: Do what makes you feel comfortable. And it's not like you have to commit to one hairstyle for the rest of your life - as long as your hair is growing, you can switch it up.

    If you're curious to see if your hair will grow down, then keep growing it, and if it doesn't maybe go back to short.

    And if you are having trouble with unruly curls, maybe try the CG method that a lot of the members use. I know that CG stands for Curly Girl, but I think it could also stand for Curly Guy. :happy7:

    In case you're interested in the CG method...The College Curly: Laura Lee's All In One Guide to Going CG: Now Revised and Updated!

    If you need any more help, don't hesitate to PM me, or ask any of the other lovely ladies (and men) on the site.
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    I'm mostly bumping this so it can get the attention of someone with a similar curl pattern. If you don't get responses, try reposting on the board with the most similar curl pattern to yours (3c, 4a, etc.)

    I have wavy hair, but I've read that some hair grows out before you get "hang" and it starts to grow down. Doing a search for hang may/may not pull up some helpful threads. I *think* doing braid outs can help hair hang downward. But, this is definitely not my area of expertise. Hope someone else has more info for you.
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    goat wrote: »
    ...but who else would know hair better then women...

    TOO FUNNY!!!

    But honestly no guy or female knows about my own hair better than I do. if you read the forums you'll often hear people say "I should have just did it myself instead of trusting someone else to do it".....and while some can will have to ultimately take ideas and piece things together for your own good.

    Good luck man...rock the fro for a while or put conditioner in it to make it a curly fro...eventually it will grow out and fro will be a thing of the past. Took a whole year for me to go from bald to what I have now.

    Also, braids can help get through the awkward phase.

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    There's nothing wrong with your hair though, just because it grows in an afro. With length it might start to hang. My hair grows in an afro too.. always has, so that's just how it is.

    If you want to weigh it down you can leave in your conditioner on wet hair and see how it does.
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    Hi! I'm newish at this myself, but I'll try to give some useful advice.

    My hair doesn't do a true afro IMO (it's not round enough and kind of hangs sadly to one side when I try) but it's close enough that all my friends refer to to "fro". What makes the biggest difference as to whether I have "fro"ish hair or more hanging hair is

    - NOT combing except with my fingers in the shower. I tried using a wide tooth the shower.....while my hair was loaded with conditioner the other day. I didn't loose any hair and it wasn't damaging, but my hair was MUCH poofier and almost no defined curls. So if you're combing your hair dry or excessively that's basically begging for fro hair.

    - Product. IDK what you're using now, but if I put nothing in (naked hair) it poofs up quite alot. If I just use leave-in conditioner it hangs/defines a bit but still fairly big hair. The more leave-in, gel, product etc. that I use, the more it hangs. So maybe look into experimenting with product if you haven't already. Especially since you say you like how it looks when it's wet....there are some gels, etc., that will freeze the hair in that wet look.

    Also, the longer your hair grows the more weight is on it, the more likely it is to hang downwards.

    It's also possible that your hair just grows up and out, though. But if you haven't tried the above already, I think it's worth a shot if you want something different.

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    hey thanks for the responses. I found the men's forum after I signed up here so I made the exact same topic. Didn't think anyone else would reply.

    I don't use any products on my hair other than cheap shampoo, or 2in1 cheap stuff, etc. I have some conditioner too, don't usually use it. I can't afford any expensive stuff. I also do not combat my hair. I just dry it with a towel after a shower.

    I just posted 3 pics in the men's forum. Yes my face is blacked out. I can't remember what hair type I chose when I signed up because I don't really know.


    These are about 2 and a half months old.

    first picture is right after a shower.

    other 2 pictures are just out of bed / no shower

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    I don't know why but looking at the second and third pics which were taken the same day it looks like my hair is darker.

    I didn't mention but I have reddish/brown hair. Auburn or whatever. It's red though.

    My hair also looks greasy maybe because of the lightning but my hair never gets greasy. Those pictures were taken when I woke up, maybe 2 days without a shower.
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    Btw, goat that's not nearly an
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    Get a conditioner, that will help ur hair curl better and hang more rather than up .( its not even an Afro lol )

    I use drugstore products too , tresemme, herbal essences, Garnier all have conditioners people love on this site
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    no it's not really an afro but it grows up like an afro.

    Like I said the first picture is maybe 15 minutes after a shower. After a shower my hair curls up really tight.

    The other 2 pictures are after waking up so my hair is everywhere.

    I sometimes picked my hair out when I was younger. It will literally get like 3x bigger than what is in those pictures after picking it.

    Even if I run my hands through my hair a few times it gets big.

    So do you think it will grow down? I have been using conditioner since I posted here but I don't notice a difference.

    I really want to see if it will grow down, but I don't think this longest I have had it. Age 13-15 I grew it for 2 years, I can't remember how many small trims I had though.

    I have been growing it 6 months straight now and I am getting impatient. I have no problem cutting it all off lol. I love short buzzed hair, especially with the heat now.
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    From what I understand with my hair which is waaay tighter than yours, the longer it gets the more it hangs .
    Patience Goat :)

    ITA: maybe a styling product might help
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    ttlolla wrote: »
    From what I understand with my hair which waaay tighter than yours, the longer it gets the more it hangs .
    Patience Goat :)
    aha I will try my best.

    What is my curly hair type by the way. Did I choose the right one?
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    It doesn't look quite like a fro to me. If you don't like the volume or frizz, you might want to start using a styler like a gel or curl cream.
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