bathing suit question

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I need to purchase one but I'm confused about the sizing. Do you just go by the largest measurement across your chest and ignore cup size? I'm just afraid of ordering something that may not be snug enough for my ribcage.

Or if anyone knows of a reptuable swimsuit website for the "well endowed" that would be swell.


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    I think that most swimwear companies ignore cup size, unless they specifically say there is a cup size.

    Here is a company that does sell bathing suits by cup size and ribcage size. They have all sorts of sizes for the well-endowed who also have small ribcages. (They also have some great stappy tops that seem to have been designed by an engineer!) Look at Bravissimo swimwear

    Be sure to click on the sale link. There are more styles there.

    It is a UK company. But I have had very good experiences ordering from them.
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    Thank you very much!
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    I think VS has some that go by cup size and J. Crew used to.
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    By the way, if you are getting a suit that's not sized by bra size, it's usual to need at least one size larger than you normally wear in street clothing.
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    I was able to wear my "tankini" for the first few months of my pregnancy (not as revealing as a bikini, but not as binding as a full suit) If you don't want to get a maternity suit, try on larger tankini styles.
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    will you post a pic of you wearing it when you finally decide? :D
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    I find anything hugging the belly to be too restricting and annoying. I've allready busted out of my tankini. As much as I hate bikinis for my back's sake, I need to start swimming again.