I think I have HEAT DAMAGE *so upset*

I KNEW something just wasn't......right.

My hair just isn't as "smooth" as it used to be--or something. It just hit me today.

I've had this constant undercurrent of FUZZ--not frizz--that I haven't been able to get rid of since I went curly this spring. There's definitely a fuzzy halo, but today I discovered that if I hold out a lock of hair, I can see short hairs sticking up along the entire length.

I think this came from my flatiron--which I was not using that much--but the iron I have has no heat settings and it gets VERY hot.

I saw how hot it got , and so only used it a few times during the entire winter (I usually go straight in the wintertime).....but I guess the damage was done by then. Even with heat protectant.

I have NOT been experiencing any breakage, though.

I suffer from depression and had a really, really rough stressful winter and I'm thinking this has had an effect on my hair as well.

Has anyone successfully conquered heat damage, and if so, how?


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    Heat damage was the biggest reason why I committed myself to being CG. The other reason was weather. However when I get antsy and tempted to straighten the memories of my heat damage always steer me clear. My heat damage caused me to lose my curl pattern in some of my hair strands so I had to get my hair chopped off to chin level because below chin level is where pieces were half straight and ultra fuzzy with the crown curly as ever. The hair cut looked horrible on me so it was just as traumatizing as the heat damage. I looked like a boy and people didn't mind telling me so. I was a laughing stock but it was for a good cause. I had tried going CG in hopes that my hair pattern would come back but after a year it did not so I had to get it chopped off. After chopping it off I remained CG stimulating my scalp and deep treating my hair 2-3x a week to get it growing with the right curl pattern. I packed my blow dryer, hood dryer, and straightening iron away. Now my hair is down to the bottom of my scapulas with the right curly pattern all over and I never straighten it not even with the blow dryer. Getting your curl pattern back and getting rid of the fuzz feels great! If it's just fuzz you have be happy because it probably only needs consistent deep treatments and leave in conditioners. Stay away from the iron and commit to being CG even in the winter. With committment and patience you will see a difference. If you do have to get a haircut go to someone you know has given a good curly haircut because I was lied too which is probably why the haircut made me look like a boy. The guy told me he was experienced with curly hair and he made me look horrible! I had to live with that for awhile and it was humiliating. Good luck and stay curly!!
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    Thankfully, it does not seem too TOO bad. But yes, I do have some of that fuzziness you mention, and it IS different from regular ol' frizz.

    The recent twistouts I have been doing have turned out nicely, and I might rely on that method when winter comes.

    I'll probably still keep my bonnet dryer out for when I do conditioning treatments (which have helped immensely) It's a good dryer and a good investment for me, and since my twistouts take a long time to dry, it will come in handy for that.

    I probably won't flat-iron my hair again EVER, but I will do rollersets. However, I probably won't rollerset anymore until my hair recovers.

    I guess I'm making a mountain out of a molehill since the damage is not that bad. But my hair can usually take a lot--NOT that I abuse my hair, no--and I'm really surprised to see visible damage. As far as I can tell, it won't need to be cut off. It's not damaged to the point of curls not forming, but like I said, there's that perpetual fuzz no matter what product I use, and my hair didn't used to behave that way.

    Thanks for replying. I haven't had a professional curly cut in a long time, because of a horrible history of people ruining my hair trying to cut it.

    I will keep pampering it as I've been doing these last couple of weeks.

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