HELP!!! My hair is stretchy and dry?

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Hola fellow curlies...

This is my first post and my hair is driving me insane. It's super stretchy when its wet and doesn't feel moisturized no matter what I do. I never really do protein treatments since protein makes my hair feel and act like a brillo pad. But did the aphogee 2-step treatment about 2 weeks ago to see if it would help with the stretchy hair thing and it didn't. Now my hair is just dry, frizzy, and gets very tangled wet or dry which makes its a nightmare to comb out regardless of how much conditioner I use.

I co-wash daily with Back to Baics pomegranate(was using the mango before which I loved) and somethings I will use Mane and Tail

For styling I use Quick Curls and Hair Milk Lite

I do a baking soda rinse almost every 2 weeks

I could really use should help, any thoughts would be great!!

About my hair:
3c with some 3b, medium texture, low porosity and open to any options


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    Maybe you should remove the baking soda rinse from your routine and try deep conditioning weekly.

    Do you use a leave-in? Maybe try that and then seal your hair with an oil or butter to lock in moisture.
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