Starting the cg method!!!!

asunrisingasunrising Registered Users Posts: 3
Good morning ladies im just postin this morning because im excited that today im starting the CG method. All winter ive been straightening my hair and washing with all types of shampoos. My curls havent been extremely damages but my hair lacks a serious amount of moisture!! So today ive decided enough is enough!! Moisture is my goal for the summmer.
Im goin to begin by tryin to remove cone build up with a bakin soda and acv rince and then co wash with suave naturals coco nut. Then i plan on doing a deep treatment of honey n olive oil. My leave in will be kinky curly knot today. I will seal with some shea butter and style with ag recoil. All these products i used before and ive seen amazing results. If anyone has any suggestions by all means please leave them here. I woukd love feed back and i will keep u all posted on the progress!!

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