Feel like I can't do it anymore

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I've been having a lot of doubts lately about going natural...idk what kind of hair products to use, don't know what my hair type is since I'm still just transitioning, can't make it without drying my hair, and I REALLY wanna use a flat iron. Don't get me wrong...I wanna do this, but I just don't know where to start. Lately my hair has been in a pony tail...why??? Because I air dyed it a while ago and it was late and I had to be at work in the morning so I wrapped it and blow dryed it the rest. The results was REALLY bushy! So pony tail it is. Please help me. I really need the support to go forward with this :'(

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    Im sorry to hear that! transitioning is hard, I gave up the first time after al most 7 months and I never truly forgave myself. Its nothing like the feeling that you were so close to passing that ridge, if anything, picture the goal you desire in your mind. Nothing worth having comes easy and a head full of luxurious locks is one of the things I throw in that box Lol...

    What options have you considered? for me im 5 months in, and I keep it weaved up for the sheer fact I dont want to go psycho over it every day. Out of sight out of mind, and the feeling of taking out a weave and having a new inch of growth is a good one! ( that is if its taken care of....*side eye some people* )

    bantu knots, twist out, flexi rods, braid outs, wet sets... it might take a minute to get the technique down to how you like it/comfortable with it, but have you experimented with these options?

    I know when my hair gets really dry ( or between weave installations ) Ill do an hour or two with a DC On my hair, and I started reading up and investing in essential oils and lemme tell you, it really makes a difference the type of products you use. Sweet almond oil and unrefined shea are a personal favorite, and they help seal in moisture after conditioning. You tube has also become a mini hair bible. Ok I know I just wrote a whole book, so Ill stop now but ..

    Getting there slowly but surely!

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    I often feel that way too. That's why I ended up relaxing back in April. The products I find to be helping me right now are Shea Moisture and Karen's Body Beautiful products. For conditioners try using bananas, honey, and eggs on your hair to put strength and shine in your hair. I also like alter ego garlic conditioner. I know it sounds silly but try not to put so much thought into going natural. Experiment with hairstyles. If all fails do what's best for you at the end of the day its just hair. Its how you take care of it that can make it look healthy and fabulous. Right now I like to bun my transitioning hair and do roller sets/mild blow out every 2 weeks. Kind of become a little product junkie for awhile and find products that work for your hair and stick with it.
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      Was thinking about going to the salon and getting a straw set. Also wanted to try a sew in but a lot of people tell me I can't get it because my hair's too thick and long. In a few months might get kinky twists.

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