Fine, Low-Porous, 3c products and HELP!

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I posted this alread in 3C but the told me maybe members over here might be able to help so here goes.

Okay, so I'm sure some of you read my TCM post and all of my other "SO I'VE FOUND MY PRODUCT" posts.

*Shakes head*

I have very fine, low-porous hair and nothing I seem to be doing from reading these boards is helping.

I tried the CG method and my hair feels, greasy and actually my curls ...have loosened into..fuzzy waves after doing it a while. I think I may have over mositurized or something.

Right now my daily routine is to co wash with Suave Professionals Naturals Almond and Shea Butter Condish and Leave-in the GF Sleek and Shine Condish. It's fuzzy, not frizzy when I get home at night. Like zero curl definition...just fuzzy. And dry. It seems like the more conditioner I use, the more it dries out my hair. Honestly, I think the more I shampoo my hair, the better. I was using Tresemme Flawless Curls (not the naturals) and my hair liked that the best. From what I can tell.

Here are my current complaints:

-My hair looses it's definition after a couple of days even after wetting and trying to "restyle."
- My hair feels fluffy without the actual moisture.
- Too much conditioner actually makes it feel greasy to the point of fluff. And in the shower it feels clumpy. I don't know how to describe this. Like if I lift a piece of hair up, it all comes with it. It's all a matted mess. And it stays that way. It doesn't fall back down. That's it, there's no movement!
- Even when it's wet it doesn't separate. It's like a helmet anymore and I don't know what's causing it. It didn't used to be like this until I started fooling with product.
- I don't know what to use as a styler. I don't know what to do anymore period.
- My hair HATES oils.
- My hair is okay with silicones.
-My hair HATES proteins.
-I'm really baffled about the change in my curl/wave pattern. I have different patterns all over my head but it seems looserwavier at the root but it changes throughout the week or with whatever I use. When I fingercoil, it looks weird because it doesn't look right at the crown area.
-My hair HATES mixed chicks.
-My hair squeaks when I run my finger up the shaft. And I can barely see one strand of hair. but there's like little bumps on the shaft.
-I have A LOT of hair.

So...any help? Where do I begin. I'm starting to feel like this...angry9:after coming here. My head is going to explode. I've had a lot of help but my hair hasn't felt "good" since I started messing around. My scalp hasn't even felt clean. Any ideas as to what's causing this? I even half wonder if this is what's causing my skin to freak out.

Could glycerin be the culprit?
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    I can't see any of the other replies right now but I was able to read it before it went blank. Weird.

    Anyway, Marah, I'm sorry I confused you. It's 1 A.M. here and I'm tired as hell. I meant to say, I'm low-porosity. And I'm sorry for the misspellings and any other grammatical errors. Again, I'm tired and ...I'm tired. HA!

    So what does the baking soda do again, since I can't see the previous post and how do I go about doing it? Gee, I hope something didn't happen with the server and it'll pop up again.

    And I do think glycerin is not good for my hair. Is there some type of oil or something that I can use to seal in moisture that won't leave it stringy? That's one thing I noticed tonight that I have to say I'm happy with. It's not stringy at all! It's actually pretty formed. And it has body.

    I don't want you to retype what you just posted so hopefully I can log in again and see it. Thanks again. Gawd hair is so frustrating.

    And I do think I'm going to knock off the co-washing because that's what's making my hair weighed down. No matter what conditioner I use it makes my hair weird not to mention my scalp itchy. I think I just am better not washing my hair with shampoo for 2 or 3 days and then washing with a low-poo shampoo on the days that I do. I'll give that a try. I was wondering about that though. Here's an interesting question for you all:

    When I used to flat iron my hair it was like marinated chicken. It would get better as the week went on as far as softness and sheen. And I wouldn't do anything to it like wrapping it or anything. Sometimes I would but mainly I would just put it up and sleep but it was nicer and the less I washed it the nicer it was. But with my hair being curly, it's not like that. So, why don't the products we use to flat iron work for when it's curly? Just a curious question.
    Me to stylist: "Please don't Doodle all over my head, I like my curls just the way they are, thank you." :afro:
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    My hair is fine and low porosity. I cowashed for six months and my hair was okay. I started using natural soap bars to cleanse when they were popular around two years ago and WOW! My hair just loves them. They are very gentle, just enough to remove the residue ingredients from the rich products that I use. Low porosity hair seems to do well with them, especially if you don't have really HARD water.

    My hair just HATES baking soda, but others like it. Even in amounts that are 1/8 the recipe, my hair gets "hard." I steer clear of it.

    I wet, use rinse out and style every day. Not sure it it's because I'm a perfectionist about my hair, or I like doing it--but I don't try for second day hair. I use a leave in, curl enhancer (in high dewpoints it's an "or") and jelly product. My hair doesn't like gel (the products with the chemicals like polyquats.)

    Personally, I don't use plain oils, I use products that contain them. The line I use the most to "seal" my hair is Marie Dean. The products are really rich. As with anyone with fine hair, I use minute amounts of heavy products so I don't get weighed down. Frequently, my hair is still absorbing product for hours after it drys. It gets better as the day goes on.

    My hair prefers the more natural, online, "boutique" products. Most of what I use is in my signature.
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    I have really had a lot of success with co-washing. My hair has such a hard time absorbing water that the best curl defining method I've tried is the super soaker method with KCCC. It changed my life. My hair is now super defined and soft.