Help me with my hair!!

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Hey all, so I have long curly hair right now, about 6-8 in below my shoulders and I have weird hair. I haven't gotten it cut in over a year, so my ends seem to be dry and dead. But I also have a mixture of tighter curls, and a little looser, usually closer to S-type curls. Also my bottom layer never curls, it remains practically straight. How do I fix this so that my hair can look uniformed?


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    From what you posted, the first thing you need to do is get a good trim. Keeping your hair well trimmed and moisturized is important. Keep reading on the boards and you'll find products and techniques that will have your hair looking great in no time.
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    For the dry ends, try adding (and sealing in) moisture more often. Drier hair needs more moisture than the rest of your loc's.

    If you'd rather cut the dry areas off, go ahead, but I like to keep what I have as long as it looks okay. I dont mind the difference in color my dry areas have, as long as there are no splits and "thinning" that is visible.

    Other people suffer from multiple textures. A lot of people learn to love it. You can surf the site to find others with the same issue. Be sure that you are treating them the same before you assume it's a different texture first though. Do you scrunch this area when it's drying? Is it heat damaged or constantly being tugged by a strap or a tie? Eliminate doubt first (thats my opinion).

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