Silicones in no-poo regimen?

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Is it possible, while growing out a relaxer, to do lo-poo or no-poo with one of my old silicone-containing "straightening" conditioners? The relaxer is almost completely gone, actually, it has grown out 1 full year and the last couple of inches are still hanging down only on my longest layer, in the back of my head. I still want to blow out my waves sometimes, especially while I am growing out my bangs, which are too short to wear curly (or too curly to wear short.)


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    The point of co-washing is to avoid silicone containing conditioners; so no it's not possible otherwise it wouldn't be CG. CG is to promote moisture and with conditioners containing silicones they sometimes block out moisture as they build up on the hair strand which may later cause breakage.
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    I think I finally get it. Even though salons manage to make my hair look "perfect" (straight) with their product and their blowouts, I always can still feel when I wash it at home it just feels damaged and straw-like. Thanks for reply!

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