Newbie with limp curls!

Sadie TwirlSadie Twirl Posts: 11Registered Users
Hey all!

So I just passed my one-week mark in CG and I love it. Curls are healthy and surprisingly shiny, and I'm enjoying seeing my hair get better every time. Problem--my curls are limp and don't have a lot of movement. I'm wary of protein treatments because I have pretty porous hair (I think!). It could be I just need a trim--right now I'm trying to rock a straight-haired cut on my new curls. Any thoughts? I need some bounce in my life!


  • LadyLoboLadyLobo Posts: 2Registered Users
    I'm no expert but what if they are being weighed down from too much product or build up? Have you tried varying the amount of product or using a clarifying solution?
    First forum in 10 years, so bare with me :)

    Introduced to this curly world via DevaCurl Jan 2011. Trying to be open to new products

    Curls: 3a, possible 3b. Med porosity.

    Co-wash: DC No-Poo but just bought a bottle of Suave Tropical Coconut
    Condition: OneConditioner
    Styling: AnGel
    Other: Rene Furtner Karite oil (It was 80% off :thumbleft:)

    Goals: Trying to conquer the clump. There are always this little noodle groups that dont want to behave.

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