Blowdrying Hair Straigth Without Frizz

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When I go to the hairdressers, they blowdry my hair for a long time while pulling it straight with a brush. It ends up being almost perfectly straight, silky and shiny looking, without the slightest bit of frizz.

When I blowdry my hair myself, after two minutes it is full of frizz. I do everything I can not to damage my hair. I use heat protectant and I only use the medium setting on the blow dryer. I avoid blowdrying very long. I don't care if my hair is still a little wavy when I'm done.

Why is there such a difference when I do it vs. when the hairdresser does it?


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    I forgot to add: I have wavy hair.

    The forum keeps logging me out so I can't edit my posts.

    (I see I misspelled "straight" in the title, too.)
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    I think you've answered your own question. Read the difference between yourself and your stylist. You would probably need higher heat, more time blowdrying and not leave any wave in the hair to get the same results.

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    I don't understand how damaging my hair more is going to make it less frizzy.

    If blowdrying after 2 minutes makes it start to frizz up, and it gets frizzier as I dry it, how is blowdrying it even longer going to make it less frizzy?
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    The same exact thing happens to me. My hairstylist knows exactly how to make my hair straight. One thing to remember is that they are trained on how to blowdry. Also, they have the advantage of using 2 hands. It's harder when you have to do your own hair and work behind your head.

    Also, I really think one of the keys to achieving really straight hair is that you need to use very hot heat while pulling the hair downwards very straight. The hair really needs to be totally dry - not damp at all. Dampness will cause frizz.

    It sounds so easy, but it isn't for me either.
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    Do you have a concentrator nozzle for your blowdryer?
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    Yes, I have a concentrator nozzle.

    If I put the hairdryer on the highest setting, it shuts off (safety) before I'm finished drying. This happens with different hairdryers, including brand new ones, so it isn't a problem with the hairdryer.

    Also, I know this sounds dumb, but how do you run a brush through your hair with one hand (so the other hand can hold the blowdryer) without getting the brush stuck in your hair? Normally, if I brush my hair, I need 2 hands, one to hold the brush and the other to hold my hair and create tension so the hair stays separate from the brush. If I brush with one hand, the hair gets stuck in the brush and I have to pull at the brush and shake it around to get it unstuck.
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    Yeah, i know what you mean. That happends to me too. My hair gets frizzy and poofy as well! The hairdresser is professional! Thats the difference :cheese:
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    Have you tried doing a roller set (rolo) first and sitting under the hooded dryer for about 30-45 min. This drys your hair and straightens it a bit. Then go at it with a blower at high heat to smooth out the roots.
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    Shondadini wrote: »
    Have you tried doing a roller set (rolo) first and sitting under the hooded dryer for about 30-45 min. This drys your hair and straightens it a bit. Then go at it with a blower at high heat to smooth out the roots.

    I don't have an extra half hour to spend on my hair.
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    I have the same problem you do. I have wavy hair and every time I try to blow it straight I have tons of frizz. I have a blow dryer stand that I use to hold the blow dryer while I'm drying that way I can use both hands to help with my hair and the brush. Last night I did a 1.5 hour DC with JCWDT and then air dried till it was just damp and used the stand to blow it out. My hair is so soft and silky. Don't know why I didn't think to DC before I blow dry!!!!!
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    The stylist also has a professional grade hair dryer, so it has better heat, is designed to not frizz hair (cermaic, ions, etc.) and won't shut off with a safety setting.
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