Stylist near south mississippi?

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There may already be a post about this on here, but I'm looking for a stylist specializing in natural styles and textures and all of the above near here. I'm willing to travel as far as an hour away for what I need. It seems like they're aren't many natural women around these parts and the very few I know who are just started on they're own. All of this hair typing and product usage get to be a little overwhelming. Even though my mother has been a beautician for over 30 years, this is all pretty new to her. Any advice? Suggestions? DIRECTIONS? lol


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    I don't know if this is helpful to you, but I'm originally from Jackson, and for years I went to Mystica at Wavelengths in Ridgeland (off of County Line Rd. where Jackson and Ridgeland meet). She's a curly herself (and wears it that way) and She was still there about 5 years ago. I'm 3b/c so it's not that she specializes in "natural" hair, but she certainly knows how to cut curly hair.
    3b/3c at nape/a little 3a on the sides, med-course, high porosity, colored.
    Protein sensitive, hard water.

    spritz and condish
    low-poo: shea moisture, Y to Cucs (clarifying)
    DT:CJCR, GVPCB+evoo&honey
    stylers: FSG, SM Curl & Style Milk, CJCCCL, CJCIAB & Biolage gelee
    refresher:CJSL, CJCCCL, Lustrasilk OO
    PT: Sally's K-Pak, AO GPB

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