Rosemary to darken

I've been doing the baking soda rinse for almost 2 years now. At first that was all I was using until I noticed that it was lightening my hair a little. I then added in Apple Cider and it didn't get any worse but it didn't seem to stop it either. I just recently switched to fresh squeezed lemons. I know that using lemons has a tendency to lighten too but I was catching whiffs of the Apple Cider here and there I really have seen a difference with frizz since changing to lemons. So my question after all of that is:

I've been reading on rosemary that it will darken hair over time and I'm wondering if this is something anyone has had any luck with. Do you think it would work with the baking soda rinse I'm doing? I know I would use the rosemary after the baking soda but with the baking soda lightening, will the rosemary actually help to darken at all?
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