flat stomach, food, and impulse control help please!

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Ok so hey guys i know i haven't been on this in a while! sooo recently I've been working out more since school is out i decided to take advantage and get healthy and fit again.

Right now I am 125 pounds, at 5'5. I really have no problem with my weight, unless 125 is overweight for 5'5? However i really want to work on my stomach, i have a pudge it's not huge, and i don't have any roles, but i don't like the way it looks when i wear dresses or fitted shirts. I want a flat stomach!

For about the past month I've been walking for about 30 minutes a day (which has whipped my legs back into shape really quick), and doing planks for my stomach. But I am severely lacking in the eating a proper diet section of this get flat plan.

I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. and no matter how hard i try i just can't seem to not eat at least one type of candy or thing that contains high fructose corn syrup in it. Also if i crave for the taste of some thing even if I'm full I'll eat just to taste what i was craving. Any suggestions on healthy alternatives to candy? I really want to take in less sugar as i think it contributes to my acne greatly. Also suggestions for what to eat just throughout the day would be nice.

I am a junk food junkie, i feel it is a habit i picked up from being in college, quick food is easy. I really need alternatives. Also i am starting to become extremely frustrated with myself and the fact that i have become such a compulsive sweets eater that i cannot control myself despite knowing the harm the sugar i take in can do to me :pain10:

All suggestions and advice is more than appreciated!


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    I have a ravenous sweet tooth as well and my lack of impulse control rivals that of a crackhead so I feel your pain.

    I force myself to eat fruit even if I don't want it or feel I "need" it at the moment because it keeps me from craving sugar later. Instead of spinach I'll have mixed veggies because the corn and carrots are sweet. I toast walnuts in the oven with a little (teeny amount) honey and salt (candied walnuts) but you can use agave nectar instead. Both are better than plain white sugar. And you could really do any nut or seed you want. I stopped being so strict. I find that letting myself have carbs in form of brown rice really cuts down on cravings for bready sweets like doughnuts and cake too. Also the healhtier fats like from nuts I was mentioning helps me tremendously. Otherwise I'd be eating cookies and scones and ice cream. I also use stevia in my tea instead of artificial sweetner like splenda or equal. I don't think those are helpful. So yeah, if you are craving sweet snacks, give your body unrefined sugar and healthy fats in moderation. It will kick your cravings down and you'll still get your flat stomach. I think the key is eating the right things before you get the craving, because if I waited til I wanted some Ben & Jerry's before I popped some watermelon in my mouth, the watermelon would NEVER be as satisfying. Kinda like preemptive strike. You get what I'm saying?

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    bananas, cashews, pears, carrots, and luna bars are the only things keeping my sweet tooth from going crazy lol. i've always had a love for those things though, so it's not like i had to make a huge change in my diet... just had to cut the bad stuff out, and increase the good stuff.
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    Sit ups and weight training can get your muscles into shape. I substitute candy for sweet fruits (because I am allergic to nuts), now if you aren't allergic, I suppose nuts are a good substitiute. Fruits such as watermelon, grapes, cranberries (dried berries), blueberries, etc, can satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Your are actually in good shape :). I am shorter than you and I weigh more. Don't get sucked into the media lol, it does you no good. But I am trying to loose weight but it is hard. Maintaining a healthy weight depends on age and body structure, puberty can also play a role in that too :).

    As for the junk food. You can substitute those foods for things like unsalted pretzels, baked whole grain chips, etc, those are great things to snack on.

    If you want to eliminate these foods from your life, then just don't buy them. I know it is easier said then done, but that is one of the main ways you can get rid of these things in your life.
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    Thanks for all the reply's! I've been taking the general advice by eating more fruit and it's workings the bananas are so sweet i usually have no cravings for the chocolate lol! The pudge is still there, it did get smaller, but i still don't have a flat stomach yet. I'm looking into weight training too, good thing my uncle is a personal trainer. I think I'll alternate between weights and walking. I do have one more question though. I know getting a flat stomach is going to be about overall weight loss however i don't want to weigh less than 125 can i have the flat stomach an maintain my normal weight or am i just going to have to deal with it?


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    I want flat abs as well , I already consume lots of fruits so I'll concentrate on the exercise . I currently do pilates , but I always stop before I get my desired result

    Back doing the pilates again though
  • mekahwbbmekahwbb Registered Users Posts: 109
    @ttlolla I just recently saw some research and raves about coconut oil helping you lose weight a lot of people said that it helped flatten out their stomach first as well. I know that it speeds up your metabolism so in addition to my work outs and better eating habits I'm gonna add some coconut oil, and acv but that's for my skin however I've heard good things about that too. How are the pilates working out for you?


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    Natural products are the bomb.
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    Strength training! Muscles burn fat all day long so the greater your muscles mass, the more calories you'll burn while at rest. If you are strength training and eating right your weight will go up from the increase in muscle and down from the loss of fat.

    As an example, I used to weigh 115 at 5'3". Since I began training I have gained weight and now weigh 120. My clothes still fit nicely, I just look better in a bikini! Try not to get too consumed with what the scale says, a measuring tape is a much better indicator of progress.

    Make sure you feed your muscles ASAP post workout. I have a protein shake made with chocolate whey protein isolate, chocolate almond milk and a big spoon of fresh ground peanut butter. It's yummy, satisfying and kills my sweets cravings in a good way. I also have one first thing in the morning.

    One other thing that is often overlooked is water. You need lots of water, at least a half gallon a day. When I don't drink enough I look puffy.

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