Help with CG Method??

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I believe I have either 2c or 3a hair (It's on my profile picture, sorry if you can't see it too well) One of my best friends has really pretty spiral curls, and I am completely jealous. :) I read that the CG method helps define your curls and make them a bit curlier, so I'm trying to start that. Any tips for a CG newbie?

Also, what are some good products are CG friendly that aren't too expensive? Thanks! :)
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    i've noticed since going cg my hair is getting curlier! stick with it, i bet yours will too..

    the brand CURLS has an afforable sister line in target that works wonderful & are CG approved..def check them out! weekly or biweekly deep treatments also help with curl definition and shine as well..

    also maybe get the curly girl book? everything you can want to know is in there...

    good luck!
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    Yes, some tips are don't be afraid to use shampoo. And by that I mean a sulfate free shampoo. Sometimes people do the CG routine and feel like their hair and scalp just are not getting clean enough with just washing with conditioner. It's not uncommon for people with loose curls to complain about that.. I have a mixture of 3b and 3c curls and I HAD to go back to shampoo and so you can see it can happen to a person with much tighter curls than yours.

    I just use sulfate free and silicone free shampoos (all CG friendly) so it's still considered being CG.

    Definitely check out It's a great website with tons of info that can help you with the CG method. I would get the e-book if I were you. It's only $9.95!

    Some products that are CG friendly that aren't that expensive are Aubrey Organics shampoos and conditioners, Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo, Shea Moisture shampoos, Burts Bees shampoos, Tresemme Naturals conditioners, Suave Naturals conditioners, Aubrey Organics gels, La Looks Gel, La Bella Lots of Curls gel, Fruit of the Earth gel, Ecostyler gel, IC Fantasia (has a water soluble silicone). Um I believe some of the Herbal Essence conditioners are CG friendly with water soluble cones. I don't use them so you'll have to look up the ingredients if you wish to use them.

    And if you go to and do a search there are tons of natural shampoos and conditioners on there that are CG friendly..the ingredients are listed so all you have to do is read and make sure there are no silicones or sulfates. Just type in what product you are looking for and read away!

    Best wishes with your CG journey!

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