Need Immediate Help-School Project-Misleading Product Packaging

Hello all...I would deeply appreciate anyones help.

Basically I am doing a speech on hair products and how the information we have all shared within the curly hair community can be applied to all hair types as a basic foundation of unmasking deceptive product packaging.

Because this speech has a time limit [and we all know this whole ingredient and hair thing is mighty complicated] I have decided to again, share the basic ingredients.- Surfactants and silicones.

I've explained what they do and why they may have negative opinions.

Now what I want to do with my next portion is show how just with these basic 2 ingredients alone, some companies can trick you. If you ARE aware of these properties, then you save yourself money and disappointment. I think I may want to focus on new formulations.

So any personal experience is greatly appreciated. I want to finish writing by tonight.

Some examples I'm looking for is along the lines of this:
1. A company reformulated their shampoo in an expensive hair care line. The label proudly says no sulfates. You then use the accompanying conditioner, . Your hair is feeling great and silky for a while making you think the product is great until after a couple uses you get weighed down limp hair. You freak out and start to buy volumizing shampoo, for example or deep treatments to bring life back. If you had turned around and read and understood the ingredients you would have seen that both the conditioner and shampoo have water insoluble silicones and with no sulfates. You could've either saved money and not bought the product at all OR just bought a cheap sulfate shampoo and saved the heartache.

Any more examples I could use?
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    How about Loreals EverCare line that claims to be sulfate free but isn't. Also I've seen many product lines at Sally's that claim to be natural but are full of sulfates and cones. HTH

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    Even higher-end products like Kinky Curly have sulfates in their Come Clean shampoo -- it's the Olefin Sulfate, too, which really is one of, if not the harshest, detergent out there. Does that help? Also, Costco's Kirkland brand of sulfate free shampoos contain 'cones, and I'm 99 percent sure their conditioners do, too.

    I hope that helps throw around some ideas...
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    Yup! Sure does =]
    Thanks ladies! I'll just form your 2 examples into anonymous company examples- don't really want to bash products unless its a review =]
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