Do NOT Buy from BIG RIP OFF!!!

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I thought it was extremely necessary that I start this thread to share my recent experience with a company called Essence of Silk ( Because this company specializes in silk & satin pillowcases and other hair & beauty products, I'm sure many of you are bound to come across this website if you haven't already!

I am here to warn you...DO NOT BUY FROM ESSENCE OF SILK!!! They are a rip off! Here's my experience:

I was recently searching the web in hopes of finding some good quality queen size satin pillowcases. I was reading another hair blog, and came across an ad that was posted on the blog for this company. I clicked on the ad and the website had a wide variety of satin pillowcases, which is exactly what I was looking to buy! The site looked legit, so I went ahead and put in an order for 1 pillowcase. (thank god it was just one!) I started to order 2, but I thought "no, I'll just wait and see if I like the quality of this one first". So I submitted my order and got a confirmation on the screen. Now all of us know usually when you order something online you immediately get a confirmation to your email with a receipt as well as your shipping information. I noticed that I didn't receive anything right away and I thought "hmmmm....that's strange!" But I didn't really think too much into it until I was on a thread on, and someone was inquiring about satin pillowcases. I mentioned EssenceOfSilk, and later got a response saying that she (the CurlyNikki reader) ordered from them before and never got the product, but was charged for it! By the time I read her response, it was too late because I had already made the purchase! I tried calling the company...NO ANSWER! As a matter of fact, I got the voicemail and the voicemail inbox was full!!! (hmmmm, I wonder why???) I sent emails and everything, still no response! So at this point, I was getting heated! I called my bank to see if they could stop the transaction, and they said because it was already processing, they couldn't stop it, but they told me if I didn't receive the product to call them back, and I could file a claim and get the transaction reversed.

So here it is days later, and guess what? I never received my pillowcase! I called them numerous times, only to get a voicemail again! So of course, I followed my bank's instructions by filing a claim. The good news is I was able to get my money back! But on the other hand, I think it is just bad business on Essence of Silk's behalf! I tried google'ing reviews on this company and couldn't pull up anything, but I did eventually find an article on another blog about the company. The blogger was saying how excited she was to find a site that carried good quality satin pillowcases. Ummmmm, NOT SO TRUE!!! A few people commented underneath it saying they had horrible experiences with the company; ordering from Essence of Silk, getting charged, and never receiving the product! What a rip off! So you see, its not just me.

After getting everything cleared through my bank, I went to the Better Business Bureau site and filed a complaint, and I also wrote a review on the company and lets just say, it wasn't very nice! Lol! I just wanted to warn all you curlies out there to NOT fall for the okie-doke like I did! This company is a rip-off! They will charge you and you will never get the product! I advise anybody else who has experienced the same bs with Essence of Silk, to please warn others, and also file a complaint and write a review on the BBB website! My review was the first and only one, so if there are others out there who have gotten ripped off, please write a review!

Sorry this is soooo long (lol), but I thought it was important that I let you guys know that ESSENCEOFSILK.COM is a FRAUD!!!!!!!!!


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    Thank you so much. its really important to pass these stories around so no one else falls for it. sorry you had to be the person to learn this information.
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