Fluffy and frizz free?

I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I can't seem to get fluffy frizz free curls. I have well defined curls with hardly any frizz after I am done blow drying, but my hair is so flat to my head! I finger comb the curl out to give more volume and length to my hair, but it always results in frizz! It didn't use to be this way. Anybody else have this problem or know what to do???


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    You said blowdrying, so I'm assuming your not using a diffuser. If not, starting using one upside down. Also applyin products and rinse out your condish upside down- both give lots of volume with little definition loss.

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    You're not giving enough details for us to really be able to help. So let's begin with your hair type, whether it's "virgin" or color-treated, what products you use and how long you "blow dry", at which setting and as unique1193 said if you're using a diffuser or not.

    As for the finger combing, that's a no-no. All we're suppose to do once the hair is dry is scrunch out any crunch left by a gel and/or "fluff" it from underneath with our fingers to separate the canopy (top layer) from the bottom. Manipulating our hair causes frizz, the most that we should do is arrange or re-shape a few curls at a time with our fingers.
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    Agreed - are you diffusing? I too need to get fluffy type curl formation and hopefully without frizz.
    What products are you using? How are you putting them in? What is your whole routine??
    After scrunching in my products, I diffuse dry on low. Now, I have not touched my hair at all during the drying process. Once dry, I'll VERY gently go underneath my hair with my fingers and shake out. I'll do one side and then the next and then the back. When I do the sides, I get the top too by leaning over to the side. If that made sense.
    IF I need to do a bit more fluffing.... I'll put a tiny amount of pomade on my hands and rub onto my hands and fluff hair on the outside (not underneath). About 99.9% of the time, I'm frizz free. If I do anymore than that, I'll get frizz OR lose curl formation.

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