How to get that particular style?

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Hi, I'm sorry if I am in the wrong category but I didn't know where to ask my question :sad11:. I've seen the Ashanti curly wig in this video YouTube - Ashanti - Only U (HQ) and i had a huge crush on her hair at 0:06 :toothy10::toothy10::toothy10:. What sould I ask/do for my 3b hair to get this exact hairstyle?

I've noticed that her hair had volume so, i thought she did an "effilage" (fraying?) as we french people say. I've also noticed that her wig was a lot like a more modern Louis XIV wig. But even if it's a big fake wig, I'm pretty sure I can get this hairstyle on my own with roller sets or with a bantu knot out. And something that I find absolutly stunning is that she has bangs!! I always thought bangs were awful on curly hair.As for the shine, I know avocado is a must! ;)

So all I wanted to know is how, you professional stylists :icon_smile: suggest for me.

Merci d'avance!

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