Why wont my natural curls hold??

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hey everyone... I am new on here. I want to know what are somethings i can do get my natural curls to hold? I dont like products in my hair. I would also like to know why wont my hair stay moisturized? I would also like to know if there is a way i can get my curls to curl alway up. They curl about 3/4 of the way up and thats it.


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    You're gonna have to use products if you want to enhance curl and get hold.

    As you're new Im guessing you aren't CG. There are loads of products out there that once in your hair you wouldn't know about it.

    I used to hate the sticky feel and look of gel, turns out I was using it wrong/using the wrong brands. You want a hard hold gel like Biosilk Rock Hard Gellie (there are many out there) which goes into your hair and dries crispy which you then scrunch out to give you soft shiny bouncy curls.

    Your hair sounds dried out - so you need to start using more conditioner - maybe do some deep treatments and invest in some curl creams/leave-in conditioner.

    A lot of people have found their curls have started showing at the roots (mine included) once they started taking care of their hair and going CG. Cutting out sulphate shampoo has greatly improved my hair and curl formation.
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    I mean, if you absolutely detest products, some conditioner will at least go a long way. Do a few deep treatments (you can do home-made ones, those seem to be everyone's favorite!), use some nice, moisturizing conditioners (Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner, Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner, Tresseme Naturals Conditioners, etc etc... all relatively cheap drugstore brands). That will definitely help your curls become more moisturized and healthy and therefore, probably more springy and shiny. :)

    But I doubt anyone on this site would have the beautiful hair that they do without the use of some products... so products are definitely worth a look!
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    I never really used products until I started reading on Originally, it was gel. At that point, I was 55, so one's never too old to learn new tricks! I joined and became a real pj! When I started, I was a winter wavy/summer 3a. NEVER had any root curl at all. Learning to use product and techniques on this website has made it so my hair looks like my signature picture every day--all year around!

    There is some information that will help you get a good start. You need to determine your hair properties. Here's a thread to help:

    The foundation of great hair is a good haircut. Then, it's about getting the protein/moisture balance correct. My hair prefers the more natural products and no gel. I use minute amounts of really rich products and haven't DTed in years. I also use moisturizing PTs, at least once a week. Because my curls are well moisturized with appropriate amounts of protein, my curl pattern has become strong enough that the curls last all day without hard hold gel, etc.

    In order to accomplish what you want, you'll need to read and learn how to take care of your curls. If you do, I think you'll be extremely happy with the results.
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    Thank you so much all of you
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    Ditto what everyone else has said. My hair, although in good condition, like a lot of moisture, so I tend to use richer low-poo, rinse out and leave-in conditioner. I also pre-poo about once a week, and do a DT once a week (not at the same time). Treating my hair gently and giving it the moisture it wants has made a huge difference in my curl pattern. Now it starts at my scalp and us much tighter than it was (a plus in my book). I highly recommend the Newbies section here. You may want to explore the idea of going CG or modified CG. For me, the most important things were using shampoos with very mild surfactants, eliminating silicones and drying alcohols, putting product in soaking wet hair (cuts down on my frizz a lot) and ditching terry cloth towels. Update and let us know how you're progressing. :)
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    I agree with everyone else's recs. I would just add that my hair needed lots of protein treatments to start being able to hold its shape. The protein helps it be able to hang on to the moisture it needs.
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    Sbudsky wrote: »
    I agree with everyone else's recs. I would just add that my hair needed lots of protein treatments to start being able to hold its shape. The protein helps it be able to hang on to the moisture it needs.

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