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So, I got my BKT Saturday... To give you an idea of how much hair I have - It took the stylist 8hrs and 6 oz's... She said the most she had used before was 4!! As you can imagine, although I got the "First Ounce" from Living Social (didn't read the fine print :angry8:), it ended up costing me a LOT!! I don't plan on wearing my hair (my strands are anywhere betweend 3b and 4a, depending on where you are looking) straight very often, if at all, and I'm thinking about going for at-home - my sister (who is probably a 2a, maybe!!) is extremely detail-oriented, and doesn't seem to mind doing my hair (she'll do the Curly Girl cut for me, no problem!), and my roomie-to-be has curly hair (she is mixed), so b/t the 2 of them, I think I'll be able to get some help with the process. BUT, I have so many questions! The stylist was SO sweet, but she is Russian, and IDK if she really understood all of my questions, plus she has never had BKT herself. So, here are some of my questions:

1. My hair does not get greasy until about 2 wks after washing (I have experimented out of curiosity) - If I leave the treatment on longer than 4 days (though curiosity is KILLING me), will it improve the results/make them last longer?
2. Do you have to get it all the way straight when you flat iron? If I'm not planning on wearing it straight, does it matter? Can I curl it w/ my curl wand afterwards so it keeps/trains the curls?
3. What are the best at-home treatments, and how do you know when to do your whole head, not just your roots?
4. I've read the BKT's last generally around 3 months - does your hair just go completely back to how it was, or does it take longer to get to the natural state?

I guess that's all I can think of at the moment!! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I'm not looking forward to doing at-home treatments, but I do NOT have the budget to keep getting those done. Maybe when it's time to do my whole head, but not for maintenance...

Here is a before picture:

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