Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle

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Hey everyone, I'm heading to Australia in roughly 2 weeks to start my Master's. I'm pretty excited! It will be my first time visiting :iconbiggrin:

Anyway, I have 1 3/4 bottles of Curl Junkie CIAB that I was going to leave at home as it doesn't really do anything for me. If anyone is interested in having them I can bring them with me to give you when I'm coming. I'll be based in Melbourne so if you're in that area and would like to have them, send me a pm. If you're elsewhere in Australia, I can probably ship it to you or something...I'm not sure how much it costs to ship within Australia but I doubt it would be expensive right? Send me a pm if anyone's interested. Ciao!
4a/b, fine to medium, high porosity.
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