Curls in a Bottle question

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What do you use with this product, and what is your hair type? I am 2C/3A and have been using Aveda Curl Prep and a mousse.


  • allie95allie95 Posts: 74Registered Users
    I've had good results raking then scrunching it into dripping wet hair on top of Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing leave-in. After plopping, I used some Got2Be Spiked Up on top. Not a lot of crunch but it did take a while to dry.
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    I used to use it on soaking wet hair as my styler, but found that it left my hair too limp. Recently I've been using it after my hair is almost completely dry, and I really like the hold it's given me!
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    Last summer I got great results after raking CCCL in my hair. I would then scrunch in CIAB. From the fall on, I use it to smooth any frizzies down after diffusing. If I over-dry a section, I smooth some CIAB over it, and the curl pops back, and looks smooth and defined.
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    I just discovered CIAB. I am using it over a LI and gel. It adds shine - I love it for that! - and a little extra definition. It also smooths some errant twirls, if they pop up after my hair is dry which is what SegB suggested.

    I've tried it all by itself and I liked the look which gave me very loose, soft waves, but it didn't hold up at all. Not enough definition - need a gel underneath. Let us know if you get it, how it is working for you.
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